API for git log of remote repository

Is there any API for getting detailed git log mentioning the commiter , commiter date and files committed ?
I know there is an API for retrieving the commits and files separately but there is no single API which gives all the required data in one shot.

The best response is the below from the APIS;
“id”: “30cd3f54510d0795300d95915f146085a2df553a”,
“short_id”: “30cd3f54”,
“created_at”: “2020-01-30T11:09:38.000Z”,
“parent_ids”: [“48c7eac904d2c3c86d3073420296fd9ed9f36f61”],
“title”: “added two new cases in testng.xml”,
“message”: “added two new cases in testng.xml”,
“author_name”: “xx”,
“author_email”: “xx”,
“authored_date”: “2020-01-30T11:09:38.000Z”,
“committer_name”: “xx”,
“committer_email”: “xx”,
“committed_date”: “2020-01-30T11:09:38.000Z”

“c04ef36”: [{
“email”: “XXX”,
“workitem”: “7228079”,
“date”: “Thu Jan 30 03:36:51”,
“msg”: “Revert-TFS-7228079-7228068”
}, {
“path”: “https://gitlab.###.com/gcbs/omega/XXEOM/blob/FY21_0202_SIT/form/forms/US/XXEOM_CRE_REBILL.fmb”

But the format i would want should be something like the above with a file name as well.

Anybody else having the same problem?