API: is ETag If-Match honoured (concurrency/CAS)

Hi there,

Long story short: is ETag with If-Match honoured in the REST APIs? Is it reliable, in the sense of properly hashing the objects, to be used as the classical “optimistic locking” strategy for REST APIs?


In the organization that I work for we have created a bot that extends gitlab’s functionality. The bot does publish notes (reports) and changes labels.

It’s not infrequent that developers change labels at the same time bot is updating (e.g. removing a label, but not the same label as the ones touched by the bot). We use gitlab-python, and the result is that labels are incorrectly readded. Before going into checking the library itself (and maybe extending it), I wanted to be sure the underlying API does support it

For new features we are adding, we would need a way to properly (compare and swap) several elements in gitlab (notes, projects, issues…).

I couldn’t find any documentation on this area, btw, but might have missed it.

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