API List Issue endpoint problem with iids parameter

Hi guys, this is Sergio

I’m working with the guys at Pipedream developing “actions” (meaning code) accessing other applications. Pipedream is like Zapier but for developers.

When it comes to performing different actions when integrating with Gitlab, I run into an issue with the Gitlab API accessing the List Issues, List Project Issues endpoints.

These two endpoints allow the iids parameter, which is an array of integers containing the issues ids used to filter the issues list.

GET /issues?iids=42&iids=43

I prepared in my code, the query param iids to be repeated as per the elements included in the array.
However, the request would return only one of the ids.

Any advice on how to properly set the iids parameter to the request for more than one id?

I tried amending to iids=42,43 and it doesn’t work either.

I would appreciate any help provided?
Many thanks,



can you share the code portions you are using to the implement the requests? Best would be a standalone example to reproduce it easier.


Cheers Michael,

There is the standalone example available in this Pipedream workflow:

You can login onto Pipedream using a Google account an and it’s free.

Would you mind checking that out?

Thank you,