Apigee Edge integration with GitLab

Hi all, we want to create a project where we can integrate Apigee edge with CI/CD pipeline in GitLab. We developed the proxy using maven(pom.xml) and now it needs to be integrated in GitLab CI/CD pipeline for automation. Please suggest how to achieve this whole problem and what steps need to be followed. Also, if any relevant documentation is there please feel free to share it.

Is there a specific issue you’re facing when attempting to define scripts within GitLab CI/CD that can deploy to your chosen service (Apigee, etc.)?

From what I can understand, you would need to download, install, and use the CLI tools available here: Command-line tools for Apigee Edge  |  Apigee Docs to connect and perform actions. The steps for this (such as NPM commands, etc.) can be written out as regular scripts in CI/CD.