Application api call multiple redirect_api values

I am in need to use multiple redirect_uri (different urls) values for a given gitlab application. I am using api call (curl) to create the application. Any guidance in this regard (syntax) would be hepful.

I have tried the following
—data “name=abc&redirect_uri=http://abc.uri http://abc2.uri2” (this creates multiple uris in one line)

For the following or any other ways I try
—data “name=abc&redirect_uri=http://abc.uri\r\nhttp://abc2.uri2”

—data “name=abc&redirect_uri=http://abc.uri\nhttp://abc2.uri2”

I get this message
{“message”:{“redirect_uri”:[“must be a valid URI.”]}}

As per the syntax one line can only have one uri value.