Approval Only Users?

I’m using the enterprise version of Gitlab and I’m looking to make our approval process more robust, due regulation requirements. Every time we we deploy code to production it needs to be approved by the heads of seven different departments (:scream: ). Several of the people who need to approve already have a seat in Gitlab, but there are a handful that have no need to use Gitlab in any way save to approve an MR.

Is there a way to allow a person to approve an MR without creating a user that takes a license seat?

Hi @michae1ho11ey,

meanwhile, I don’t know of any way that would solve your problem. This would bypass GitLab’s license, which is why GitLab will not implement a possibility in this direction.

Not to mention, it is clearly not the usual and intended use of GitLab that you want to use here.

GitLab is designed for exactly these cases, but everyone needs their own account for this. Regardless of whether they are developers, designers or completely different areas.