Are (external) Pipelines ever cleaned up at any point?

Hey all!

I’ve got GitLab-CE running with an external CI (that isn’t GitLab-CI, mainly because it existed before and will stick around for quite a while longer), and I use the Commit API to post a build status once CI is through.
This is all fine and nice, until the point a force-push happens. This mostly applies to feature branches (for which a force-push is acceptable), because at some point the base commit goes away (in the sense that it is not reachable by a user-intended ref; not necessarily because it is technically gone); and even the CI doesn’t keep results for feature branches around for all eternity.

So not only does the commit go away, but also the CI result that would represent the state of that commit back then (making the link that appears in the pipeline also end up dead).
Is there anything built in that would also clean up those build status pipelines on a regular basis, or do I have to also use the Pipeline API to take care of this myself?
I could totally do that, but I’d rather be lazy and use what is already there.


- BhaaL