Are parent/child pipelines available in Core edition or not? and suggest this feature is available also in the CE/core version of gitlab.

But somehow the “trigger” keyword which is apparently necessary to set this up seems to be limited to Premium? mentions Premium".

Testing simply gitlab-ci.yml (using gitlab ce 12.7.2 (2d4cda9da36))

    stage: test
        - local: config/microservice_a.yml
        - local: config/all_microservices.yml
      strategy: depend

results in yaml-error root config contains unknown keys: 3_sensor-e2e-win.
Issue suggests this is caused by the trigger keyword not being allowed in free editions of gitlab?

So what is true here? Is this available in free versions or not?

Hello, they should be available in both. We have the issue to resolve this discrepancy. Thanks for the ping.


Thanks for the update and ticket creation.
Much appreciated!

Interesting how this could slip through QA, but as a non-paying-user I have of course no entitlement here :slight_smile:

Again thanks,

There’s some strangeness with the way that multi-project pipelines and the trigger keyword were differentiated between free and paid, and fixing this issue should help us resolve the last bit of that tech debt.

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