Are services without healtcheck still running?

Hello. I have a job with several services running to perform an integration test. Some of them are emulators (e.g. google pubsub and redis) and some are our application services.
Our application services do not implement a healthcheck, they are listening to a pubsub subscription. When looking at the docs I’m not 100% sure if it means that the service will keep running even if they don’t implement a healthcheck. The fact is that when trying to run the tests that send messages to the application and check for side effects, the tests fail, indicating that there is something wrong with the connection (the tests succeed locally).
I can’t see any further logs of the services running either, is there a way to dump them somewhere so I can see what’s going on?

Example of my setup:

    - name: redis:6.2.7-alpine3.16
      alias: redis_emulator
      alias: pubsub_emulator
      entrypoint: ["gcloud", "beta", "emulators", "pubsub", "start", "--host-port="]
    - name: ${IMAGE_NAME_MY_APP}:test-${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA}
      alias: my-app
          "python", "/app/my-app/",
          "--project", "local",
          "--subscription_name", "sub",
    PUBSUB_EMULATOR_HOST: pubsub_emulator:8085
    PROJECT_ID: local
    REDIS_HOST: redis_emulator
    REDIS_PORT: 6379

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