Are there any synchronization issues with jira app " for Jira Cloud"?

A jira cloud instance and our instance are synced for more than a year with the free app “ for Jira Cloud”
Today, the jira panel development isn’t updated anymore when MRs are created or merged

Moreover, I’ve a blank page when I want to configure the app, with CSP errors related to

Am i the one who face these issues ?


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We are seeing something similar. Has a ticket been raised for this, if so can you drop the ID here and will support it?

I was stuck, I decided to remove, reinstall, configure the app again and all is synced now
Beware if you have automations because all MRs seems to be synced again

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I believe you all are hitting the issue here:

I encourage you to review what others have reported there, subscribe to notifications to get updates, and feel free to weigh-in in the issue comments.

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