Args Table in Markdown

Args Table in Markdown

I have a Python project with a README.rst it’s a CLI tool the README has a tidy little args table.
It can be found here

.. code-block:: bash

  pip install markdown-mermaid-to-images
  markdown_mermaid_to_images --help

Usage: markdown_mermaid_to_images [OPTIONS]

  Exports mermaid diagrams in Markdown documents as images.

  -m, --file PATH                 Path to markdown file, where the mermaid
                                  code blocks will be converted to images.
  -f, --folder PATH               Path to folder where we will convert all
                                  markdown mermaid code blocks to images.
  -i, --ignore PATH               Path to folder to ignore, markdown files in
                                  this folder will not be converted.
  -o, --output PATH               Path to folder where to save the new
                                  markdown files.  [required]
  -l, --log-level                 [DEBUG|INFO|ERROR]
                                  Path to folder where to save the new
                                  markdown files.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

.. code-block:: bash

    $ markdown_mermaid_to_images -f tests/data -o tests/data/output/ -i tests/data/another_folder

I was wondering how can get this same table in a normal markdown file. I’ve been trying to do the same for this project.
The best I could was to put into a code block to it’s atleast readable.

### Args
npm run start -- --help
Usage: src [options]

  Updates description of Docker Hub repository.

  --version         Show version number                               [boolean]
  -u, --username    Docker Hub username.                              [required]
  -p, --password    Docker Hub password (cannot be an access token).  [required]
  -r, --repoName    The repository name that you want to update the description
                    off.                                              [required]
  -x, --repoPrefix  The prefix of the repository you want to  update, If not set
                    defaults to username.
  -f, --readmePath  Path to README file which will be used as the description of
                    repository on Docker Hub.           [default: "./"]
  -h, --help        Show help                                          [boolean]

Image below shows what I would like to do in the Markdown.

This is currently what the Markdown file looks like.