Artifact is always from old commit

I know this has to be something i am doing but it’s driving me nuts.

I have CI set up and a runner on a windows PC in my house. CE is running in a docker on unraid also at my house.

I have a Vue webapp that i have been working on for a while. I recently decided it was getting big enough that i needed to start doing some proper versioning so i made quite a few commits trying to get the versioning right. When i looked at the files i realized the version numbers weren’t coming up.

So here is my findings so far. On my machine i can NPM RUN BUILD and everything build into my local dist folder without an issue. I can go onto the runner and open the project folder and do an NPM RUN BUILD and the dist folder gets the right data. I have deleted all the old builds thinking maybe it was a gitlab link problem just serving old files, i have completely removed the runner and all files and re-paired it to the server. What the heck am i missing?

I am running as basic of a CI file as i can imagine but for some reason it runs the job and “passes” but the version available for download is many commits old.

Here is my CI file. The output from the build whines about an SSL certs but everything else seems to complete fine. If you want a full paste let me know and i’ll go pull one of those too.

Any ideas why i’m not getting a current build on these?

  stage: build
    - npm install --progress=false
    - npm run build
    - tags
    - release
    - pre-release
    name: "MaintCenter_%CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME%_%date:~-10,2%%date:~-7,2%%date:~-4,4%"
    expire_in: 4 weeks
      - dist

Correction, error i get is not SSL, it’s this go lang thing that doesn’t seem to change much.

For anyone else who finds this while searching. My solution was to add “call” to my npm commands because of the way windows handles nested scripts.

The solution was found here.

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