Artifact loaded but not shown in the UI


I use free account, and I making a pipeline of Python and execution unit test. The unit test report is generated and after want to load the unit test generated as artifact.

I added this to gitlab-ci.yml:
junit: /builds/myuser/firstdemoproject/python_app/reports/unitTestReport.xml

In CI log I have a message for uploading that everything is correct, with following message:
Uploading artifacts…
/builds/myuser/firstdemoproject/python_app/reports/unitTestReport.xml: found 1 matching files
Uploading artifacts to coordinator… ok id=133947588 responseStatus=201 Created token=3siBpCeC

But there is nothing into the UI to download.

Anybody has any clue about whats happends?

Thanks in advanced

Have you solved? i’ve the same problem

I have no answer and no idea what the problema is.

Same issue for us. We are evaluating Gitlab SaaS Gold.
We testing the Scan container feature but no way to find how to download the artifact in the UI.
Could you advise where we can downloaded those file in the UI ?
The log is good (no error) :
Uploading artifacts…
gl-container-scanning-report.json: found 1 matching files
Uploading artifacts to coordinator… ok id=220061755 responseStatus=201 Created token=mecQnQ7y
Job succeeded

I ended up uploading it manually as a normal artifact and then you can see it. it’s a workaround that requires to rewrite the piplines, rather annoying.