Artifact size too large -- Not using nginx or docker

Running into an issue where I’m unable to upload an msi file that is just about 50mb.
I’m using shell executor runner and just going about this as a test.
Within my CI script I take an exe and convert to msi and I want to upload that to gitlab but I keep getting
ERROR: Uploading artifacts to coordinator... too large archive id=855 responseStatus=413 Request Entity Too Large status=413 Request Entity Too Large token=Z4hbrkF1 FATAL: Too large

I’ve read up on this a bit and besides setting the max artifact setting in admin (which I set to 512mb) there was also mention of setting a “client_max_body_size” in a gitlab.rb file.
I’m not using nginx and really just doing this as a test. Any ideas why I’m still getting the size restriction?


Hey @flabbyThoroughbred. Thanks for joining the GitLab Forum!

Regarding your issue, could you please double check if you set the reverse-proxy configuration to client_max_body_size 0?