🦊 Assigning Students Accounts

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It’s that time of year again! :maple_leaf: :clock1: :mortar_board:

Are you thinking about how to assign your incoming students to GitLab accounts?

  • Consider creating a custom user sign up page. You can customize it with your logo, description of the instance, and guidelines on the who and why and the how!
    Do you have custom signup page? Post it in the thread! We’d :purple_heart: to see it.

  • Consider connecting your GitLab Instance with your institution authentification system. This way, students and faculty can sign up themselves! Self-hosted GitLab allows admins to connect with LDAP or SSO/SAML.

  • Students can be assigned accounts in bulk from a class list but it requires some :scroll: scripting knowledge. Here is an example.

Check out more in our blog post linked below!

Administering your GitLab for Education License.

We hope this helps you get the fall semester off to a great start! :books: :fallen_leaf: :school:

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