Authenticate on GitLab self-hosted repository from GitHub Desktop (or wathever client)

Yes I know probably there are tons of tutorials and it’s a very stupid question, but I’m feeling very stupid due seems I’m not able to overcome the problem

I’m not a developer, so in fact I need only being able to download the new releases (so the changed elements) of a repository hosted on our Azure GitLab installation.

GitLab root user has an SSH key registered (I suppose created during Azure installation process), but seems neither GitHub desktop nor Git Gui (I’m on Windows) has any location where I can place this pub key for authentication, nor trying to connect I’m asked as an option to load one, just receiving an authentication error.

Probably I misunderstood the whole things, due I was used using Putty where I’m able to select the right key before connecting to a remote host.

Trying HTTPS authentication using an access token give another error, so that will be happy to solve the SSH option.

I was able to do it, it’s the most cumbersome experience I even had
Need to shift from Kraken, to Git Gui and finally to GitHub Desktop to understand he expect I need to add my SSH key to the same GitHub account (Google account) I’m logged in
Kraken the only one smart enough to let me actually generate or choose locally a key