Authentication failure

Authentication failure in Linux when using git command.

I didn,t register for the site initially, I selected my google account to use as a log in, is that the reason I am having authentication failures?

Hi @michaelwesley217 I think possibly you need to add an SSH key to your GitLab account. You can do this in Preferences > User settings > SSH Keys. The official docs are here and there’s a tutorial with screenshots here.

Thank you for that, just realized as well, that I had the wrong url. I was using github, but the file/code was moved to gitlab. SO I tried using gitlab with correct credentials, but it didnt work because the repository is not found.

Here is what I was trying to install on my linux box:

I’m not sure I’ve totally understood! If you have a GitLab account, and you have uploaded your SSH key, this should work for you:

git clone

or without an ssh key:

git clone