Authorize the agent to access projects/groups

Hi all,
I’m using GitLab Community Edition 14.10.5 and K8S cluster on premise.
I have read documentation at Authorize the agent to access projects in your groups
The structure of the projects is as follows:

|______ Group A
|_____________ Group A1
|______________________ Project 1
|______________________ Project 2
|_____________ Group A2
|______________________ Project 3
|______________________ Project 4
|_____________ Group A3
|______________________ Project 5
|______________________ Project 6
and so on …

I tried to create only 1 agent at Project 1 and let other projects reuse it but it doesn’t work.
Project 1 : .gitlab/agents/agent1/config.yaml

    - id: Group1/GroupA/GroupA1
    - id: Group1/GroupA

Only Project 1 & 2 can use this agent1
kubectl config use-context Group1/GroupA/GroupA1/project1:agent1
Other projects (3 4 5 6) cannot find ( kubectl config get-contexts) or use it.
I have to create 2 more agents at Group A2 (project 3 & 4) and Group A3 (project 5 & 6)
Please give me some advice, thank you very much.

Only one next uplevel group and each it subgroup can access to agent.
If you register agent in the Group A, you can see the shared agent in all projects (1-6) from Group A, but neither Group2 nor Group B.