Auto Devops Fails at build phase - "No active runners that can run this job"

HI all,

I have a project that has a deployed Kubernetes cluster in GCP. After using the one click installations of Helm, Prometheus, Ingress, and Gitlab runner, I try to run the Auto Devops pipeline but it fails at the build phase. The error it gives is "This job is stuck, because you don’t have any active runners that can run this job. " I am new to these pipelines but I have done all the default settings from the documentation and have made sure to enable Auto Devops as I have not pushed a gitlab-ci.yml file to the repo yet.

I would appreciate some guidance to how to resolve this. I have tried troubleshooting myself but I cannot find anywhere where they might be logs or more specific error messages so I’m not sure where to begin. The runner is also currently running as a Workload in GKE so I know that it has been sucessfully installed. Please advise.