Auto DevOps on production domain without subdomain

Hi everyone,

Everything is in the title, how to get the production environment to use the base domain, without subdomain?

I tried to add an “A” record DNS with DOMAIN and *.DOMAIN to the cluster IP
But as GitLab Auto DevOps won’t register the production environment to the base domain without a subdomain, it’s not so simple.

I also tried to add a “CNAME” record with DOMAIN to the production domain given by Auto DevOps, but it didn’t work either. (Or I misunderstood how to add the record properly?)

Thanks for your help.

Go to Settings > CI/CD > Variables

Set the value to the desired domain wanted (ex. “www.DOMAIN, DOMAIN, more.DOMAIN”)

Redeploy, enjoy

What DNS settings should be used when setting PRODUCTION_ADDITIONAL_HOSTS to DOMAIN (e.g. With the GitLab-recommended wildcard A-record that maps all subdomains to the Ingres IP, and ADDITIONAL_HOSTS set to, the deploy step succeeds but I cannot access the app at Using any subdomain, even works fine, but I still cannot make this work without a subdomain.

I ended up having two A-records, one for the wildcard subdomain, and another as the “default” (on Google Domains DNS, they use @ for the default) both pointing at the Ingres external IP.