Automate external registration and repository access within Internal grouping

Hello, we have a community instance which will become enterprise soon of GitLab 13.3.2. We are releasing our testnet development environment for our Decentralized GlobalOS, this first release is in GoLang and utilizing Hyperledger Fabric for blockchain demo.

We have both public, open source code which allows the building of class trees (dApps) consisting of metaclasses, classes, accounts, and objects. We also have internal code for the Class Manager Infrastructure (CMI), in hyperledger world it would be considered chaincode, which is the interface between the class trees objects and the hyperledger nodes.

We require an account be established to have access to the environment and looking if there is a way to automate the process. When we tried setting external accounts to access the internal level of membership we however upon test, could not see any code, could only see code if set public. We would rather not manually populate and set account access, so if there is something we can do to automate in the community release currently, please do let us know, we deeply appreciate it.