Automate the diff of commits in gitlab

i am trying to automate the manual diff process from master to release branch. also the missing commits on release branch.once the release branch is updated. How can i so this, can this process live on github ?

looking for ward to hear soon.


Hi @pgona2002

it’s not totally clear to me what you’re trying to do. If you push a release branch, you can create a new MR (from the branches page in your project) to merge from that new branch to your production branch. The MR will show the diffs.

However, I wouldn’t call that very automated! What is it exactly that you want automate?

Hi, I am trying to automate the shortlog between a master and a release branch, which i am doing manually now. so that no commits are missed and all the branches are in sync. also integrate it with the jira.

Do you mean the changelog?