Automatic Database Reindex not working in Gitlab 14 ( Self hosted)

We need to reindex the Gitlab PSQL database,for that we tried with the below property in gitlab.rb file

gitlab_rails[‘database_reindexing’][‘enable’]= true
gitlab_rails[‘database_reindexing’][‘hour’] = '*'
gitlab_rails[‘database_reindexing’][‘minute’] = 0
gitlab_rails[‘database_reindexing’][‘month’] = '*'
gitlab_rails[‘database_reindexing’][‘day_of_month’] = '*'
gitlab_rails[‘database_reindexing’][‘day_of_week’] = ‘0,6’

After enabling this property we have executed the reconfigure command.

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

After executing the above command, there was no error in the output, but when we try to manually run the reindex command

gitlab-rake gitlab:db:reindex

Its says the feature is not enabled, not sure whether we need to enable or change the property.