Automatic issue generation/closure from code committed with TODO and FIXME - feature request

Hi there,

I had an idea about streamlining workflow, such that when you commit code that contains keywords like FIXME and TODO, which are fairly common AFAIK, that it automatically generates issues in the issue board with the comment block.

When you commit a fix that removes the FIXME or TODO, it would use the commit log as the closure notes.

I’ve seen a bunch of IDE’s use FIXME and TODO in their code analysis for tracking down things to do, could be a way to both increase user engagement with your repository, and also a way to automatically clean up older issues if they are associated with a comment line that has a FIXME or a TODO without having to explicitly go into the issue tracker.

Just thought I would throw it out there as an idea. I couldn’t find any topic in the forum that related.

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