Automatically assign multiple users/group as reviewers on MR


I’m on a team with some 14 other members, managing multiple repos under a single group. There are dozens more engineers in the company as a whole managing other repos in the same group. Now that the team is working on multiple repos, sometimes MRs get lost, where traditionally, people had just gone to the project, checked the MR list, and reviewed.

In this team, we don’t assign specific individuals to MRs. They’re left open, for anyone on the team to review, and most folks take some time once or twice a day to go through them. We’d ideally like to find a way to have all relevant MRs visible on one page to go through. Having come from GitHub in the past, I’m hoping for a GitLab solution to do something like assigning a group/pre-selected individuals as reviewers automatically, so they can use the button at the top right to see what items are assigned to them.

So far, I’ve tried creating a subgroup and creating required rules for it and creating a CODEOWNERS file and creating requirements for it. Neither of these showed up in assigned to page. And best as I can tell, there’s no feature to allow assigning a group.

Does anyone know a way I can assign a group/list of individuals to a MR automatically?



This would also be very useful for our use case. In our case, any updates to our group-level documentation (coding standards, workflows, etc.) require majority approval on the merge request. It’s getting old typing all their usernames one at a time.

I also am looking for this feature. Currently I am doing my MBA thesis which basically consist change all currently apps(service desk, control version, etc.) on my employer company to GitLab Premium(or Ultimate) Self-Hosting.

My bigger problem is at least have the same features the current apps have, one is have been notified about ‘Change Plans’ (MR in this case), I am getting notified by e-mail but I like to be able to get on To-Do-List, since Merge Request just MR Button just have Assign and Reviewer. In my case I have created group for Developers, Managers(I don’t liked it, but is required by the company), QA, Deployers(yeah, just people to deploy into production).

Well, I would love to all people involved in a MR, get a To-Do-List action to be done, if all necessary approval is already done, the ToDo could auto-resolved(or something like that, maybe ‘expired’), since it will be merged without their approval.