Automatically deactivate dormant users feature does not work anymor

Automatically deactivate dormant users does not work anymore

I don’t see clearly this bug reported, on a Premium Self Managed instance, for few months now, the feature to deactivate dormant users does not work (the configuration is well activated, and it worked before).
We have to run manually scripts to deactivate them.

Is there any iformation regarding taht? Does the team award of this issue?

Thanks for your helps, it’s important for me as we are in a context teams frequently change, it’s a must have feature - without before it, I just block manually users and unblock on demand.


Thanks for reporting. I have found a bug that matches your description: Dormant user deactivation does not work (#431560) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab (searched for dormant ) and linked this forum topic for visibility.

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