Autoscale GitLab CI/CD with AWS Fargate but use a docker container for the runner manager

For the past few months, I’ve been using AWS Fargate to help manage my CI jobs after following this tutorial. In the tutorial, it instructs you to create an AWS EC2 instance to host the GitLab Runner manager which then communicates with gitlab to pick up new CI jobs and spawn them in docker containers. However, the EC2 instance I’m using to host my runner manager is also used for other purposes and has had to be rebooted twice before for different reasons, which caused major issues with CI that were difficult to troubleshoot. As such, I was asked to move the runner manager service away from EC2 and onto a continuously running docker container hosted in ECS. I’m not very familiar with docker, how can I go about migrating the runner service to a continuously running docker container? The runner registration/configuration steps in that tutorial (i.e. modifying the /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml file) seem like they would cause a problem, especially since I’d ideally like to register 10-20 runners (different jobs in my pipeline require different containers to be run in so I have 4 separate fargate.toml config files with about 3-5 runners that use to each).

If anyone has experience doing something similar or just generally knows what steps need to be taken, I am all ears. Thanks in advance!