AWS Cognito additional Authorizers

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I have a self hosted Gitlab where i want to use Cognito to authenticate users, but i want to use additional authorizers from Cognito e.g. SAML and OIDC. I dont want to use the integrated ones from Gitlab because i want to manage these users in cognito and maybe even dont allow certain users. Is this possible?

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I haven’t done it, but from a quick google, the docs explain SAML and OIDC


so it looks like it is possible to integrate. I expect you can put your Cognito URL for the server you want to connect to for SAML/OIDC.

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Hi Thanks for the Welcome Message. :slight_smile:

You posted the links from Gitlab itself but i want to Configure Saml and OIDC in AWS Cognito. Cognito acts like a Proxy in this scenario.

Ah OK, I thought you wanted to know how to configure Gitlab to connect with AWS Cognito hence the links. I guess you would need to check the AWS documentation on how to configure SAML/Cognito as that is their product and totally unrelated to Gitlab. You could probably even ask AWS Support team, they would normally reply to such requests related to configuration of their products.

Unless of course someone here has already done such a thing, then they might be able to help with the AWS configuration.

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I know how to configure Cognito but before I do it I would like to know if its even possible that gitlab uses the additional providers configured in Cognito. I know this is a complex/weird architecture. :smiley:
If anyone has ever done this and knows that this works i would highly appreciate it.