AWS EC2 Autoscale / docker-machine on Windows?

I’m trying to use AWS and GitLab CI/CD to compile an app on Windows and Linux. My pipeline has a parallel job for each platform. My plan was to have two t2-micro static EC2 instances (one running linux and one running windows) setup as a GitLab runner waiting for jobs with the appropriate tags (Windows/Linux) and then use docker-machine and autoscale to spin up an EC2 instance appropriate to actually handle the compile. This works great on Linux but not on Windows.

It seems to never get past the “Waiting for SSH” step. This seems to make sense as OpenSSH server isn’t running on Windows Server by default so if docker-machine can only use ssh to communicate with the EC2 instance then this is a non-starter. I tried making a custom AMI based on Windows Server 2019 with OpenSSH server installed and that got a little bit farther in that it connects but it doesn’t have the proper keys installed to authenticate and I’m not sure there’s a way to configure that to work.

I’ve seen it casually mentioned in a couple of places that this setup is not intended to work. Are there alternatives to do this kind of thing?