AWS EKS and Kubernetes: Group vs Project scopes, errors and uninstall

I am using GitLab on a Bronze plan.

While trying to connect AWS EKS Kubernetes, which was set up correctly and works, I have encountered some issues:

  1. When in Group scope, I cannot add Knative or any other Helm managed extension, besides ingress and certificate.

  2. When moving into project scope, it shows all the possibilities, like helm, prometheus, but requires reinstall of Helm — after which it shows install options for other stuff like ingress, but all installs fail with an error.

Problem is, if I use it in project scope and want to use it in other projects, it does not work, as before mentioned errors occur in all the other repos and on the top level I cannot install via Helm and stuff does not show in the project scope.

As a result I had to tear down my clusters and set them up from scratch, as I wasnt able to completely remove all stuff installed by gitlab.

Therefore the last question is: Will there be an option to remove all stuff installed via GitLab?

Any ideas how to solve this?

Thanks in advance and greetings!

Meanwhile the problem even persists when removing all cluster configs, attaching a new one through the ui. after Helm install everything else fails. Looks a bit like the removal of old config data fails.