Aws sam serverless application model

i am trying to integrate gitlab ci/cd with aws SAM.

gitlab and aws examples for SAM show python examples and state

The image with Python 3.8 is used in this example since the sample application is written in Python 3.8.

given this phrasing, one would assume that for a node app, one would use a node image, as shown in the gitlab-ci.yml file below. i tried to invoke sam directly but it does not seem like this docker image has sam installed. is there a default method for invoking sam from ci/cd or will i have to import a binary or is there another solution?

image: node:12.1

  - deploy

  stage: deploy
    - sam build
    - sam package --output-template-file packaged.yaml --s3-bucket test-sam
    - sam deploy --template-file packaged.yaml --stack-name sam-gitlab-ci --s3-bucket test-sam --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM --region us-east-1
  • What version are you on? Are you using self-managed or

i found some great resources that answer my question.

this webcast provides a good overview of using sam with gitlab-ci and node:

it references a presenter’s github repo which contains a working demo