Azure DevOps Release concept in gitlab

Hi all,

I am currently evaluating the process of migrating from Azure DevOps to GitLab. I am not sure if I have found the correct GitLab functionality for my scenario:

Scenario: We currently host around 100 repositories within a project (in GitLab, this seems to be a group) in Azure DevOps. Each repository is a software component with its own build/test job defined in azure-pipelines.yml (in GitLab, this is .gitlab-ci.yml) and produces an artifact.

In Azure DevOps, we create what is known as a “release” which is part of the CD process. A release consists of a group of artifacts produced by the CI job of the repository and a target environment.

I am unsure of how to build something equivalent in GitLab. What I need is a kind of “group release” that I can apply to a certain environment. I need to have something like a “Group A” for production that deploys the artifacts of N repositories, and a “Group B” that deploys artifacts for some other repositories.

I’ve tried to include the deployment in the .gitlab-ci.yml, which kind of works for a single repository. My main issue is that when I add an instance to “Group A” there is no way to centrally redeploy the latest version of my group release.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

Thank you for your help in advance.