Back port two-factor auth for version 7.9?

i am running GitLab on a Synology platform, which means that Synology control’s the version cycle for their main/stable [and approved] release, unfortunately (via a docker container). i would like to expose my current GitLab environment to the internet so I can share projects between GitLab and GitHub, but i’m extremely leery about doing this without 2-factor auth enabled (which isn’t available until 7.11). is this a module or plug-in that could be back-ported into version 7.9 of gitlab?

really appreciate the feedback!

I don’t think that’s possible without much tweaking I’m afraid. The MR that introduced 2FA is here

The changes between 7-9 and the time 2FA was merged are those below.


But if you have the ability to touch the code base why not just upgrade GitLab. I didn’t really understood the setup. This is your instance, right?

Thanks for the reply! That’s part of the problem, I don’t really control the image (Synology does as part of their “GitLab Package Release”). I could back up the data and create my own image, but it’s possible that one of their upgrades could end up roasting my repo data unexpectedly later in time. It would be simpler if they just upgraded the GitLab package a little more frequently. I’m trying to find a way to stay somewhat within the lines, but I don’t really know if that’s going to be possible.