Background migrations - can we use the application while still running?

What’s the best recommendation regarding Background migrations:

  • can we use the application while the background migrations still running - I mean use it public to all users. Are there any cons?

From Gitlab 15.3.4 to 15.4.6 then 15.6.8


Yes you can still use Gitlab while the background migrations run. Obviously if the server is being overloaded with usage, users, commits, pull/push, etc, then the migrations will take longer. That said, depending also how many repositories a server has, can also decide how long the background migrations take.

Eg:, I have a test server which upgraded through 15.3/15.4 and higher was relatively quick. A server that had 80 repositories somewhere else though took somewhat longer for the migrations and was left overnight to finish.

I have 7k users and 700GB size repositories > Is this fine? to allow them to access while background migration still running.

It’s what I said in my previous message. That said, expect the migrations to take a long time based on the amount of repositories you have. Probably will take days.

Thanks, @iwalker
Last question, is the background migration still running if I’m going to run this command “gitlab-ctl deploy-page up” so the user/s will not able to access the site?

No idea. That just stops people logging in, so no idea if that will affect migrations. Probably not.

You need to be able to login yourself as admin and check the background migrations though, so…