Basic SSH job failed - but why?


Hi there! I’m brand new to GitLab and trying to run a simple CI job. Desired eventual behavior: when I git push origin master, I want it to run CI in GitLab and eventually deploy to a remote SSH server.

In playing around with a super simple SSH setup before I then test how to deploy to SSH. However, I am getting the ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1 error, but I don’t see any details as to why.

Two images below, one of the error and log, and one of my .gitlab-ci.yml file. I will also note:

  • ssh directly into the server iwth credentials in my yml file does work successfully
  • my personal ssh-keygen personal id-rsa key is in my GitLab SSH
  • my SSH_PRVIATE_KEY is housing the ssh-keygen private key in openssh

Thank you, and I hope this isn’t a dumb question. Brand spankin’ new here.

Thank you!