Best Practices for Organization of AWS SAM project repository with multiple Lambda functions

Greetings everyone,
Looking for Best Practices for the following use case:

I’ve am building a solution with multiple Lambda functions and I’m looking for advice as to how to organize this solution in GitLab. All the solutions that I have seen so far work with a minimalistic Hello World type single Lambda setup.

I would like to create one (or more if necessary) projects/repositories to house my Lambdas as well as local developer setups (local developer docker-compose container setups) and use CI/CD to build/deploy them while using SAM to test them locally.

I have seen the GitLab videos posted - but again - they only deal with very simplistic cases. Are there any examples of real world examples for this?

I’m utilizing

I do not have any active .gitlab-ci.yml for multiple AWS Lambdas to share my attempts yet.

Thanks for any input or pointing me to some useful resources. I hope this is the appropriate place to post this.