Best practices moving from phabricator


We are currently on phabricator but seeing that development on that has pretty much died. I’m pondering moving everything over to gitlab (ce).

Does anyone have some best practices on how to model things over to gitlab?

Some concerns I found so far:

  • phab has a global issue tracker. With a single number for all projects. Gitlab has multiple trackers. Would it be best to split per project or have one issue tracker shared for existing issues?
  • priority seems to be solvable with priority labels
  • issue type (bug, features etc) seem to be solvable with labels
  • status/resolution: was this bug fixed? Is it set to feedback from someone? Does it need a retest? LWas it not reproducable? I see no good way to represent this when closing
  • we currently have a number of custom fields:
    • origin link: if reported on the forum this contains the link. Once the issue closes we send notification to the forum it was solved or closed otherwise
    • customer: the name of the customer if available
    • doc notes: notes for documentation if needed

If anyone can give some guidelines or best practices I would really appreciate it.