Beware of GitLab billing issues

TL;DR - GitLab makes an egregious billing mistake, refuses to fix it, and tells a GitLab evangelist to go pound salt. If you purchase it, examine the order closely.

So, a little background on me: I started at a software company years ago in an IT position. Our traditional software development toolchain was overly complicated for my liking, so I set up GitLab.

I did so well with it that I became my company’s first DevOps Engineer, and I got dev teams to make the switch. Not only did I present on GitLab at work, I took my GitLab evangelism on the road to enthusiasts in the area - I.E. the local Linux User Group.

Not long ago, I ordered some GitLab licenses since more people wanted to use it. I asked to go from 57 to 75 licenses. Instead, GitLab put the order in wrong and added 75 licenses, bringing us to 132 total.

About this time, I was pulled to a critically-important project that was way behind schedule and told not to work on anything else. When I got enough breathing room to switch back, our account manager acted like she couldn’t care less. The most I ever got was “I’ll be sure to look into it” or “I’m still looking into it”.

The process dragged on for weeks. I had to nag her over and over again for updates until she finally told me that GitLab’s billing department had decided… not to give me a refund because it had been too long . How convenient, especially after dragging out the process for so long.

I complained about this, asked for a new account manager, and got what I requested. Our new account manager took my concerns to the GitLab crew again… and got told once again that not only would we not receive a refund, GitLab wasn’t going to offer us any sort of compensation or credit whatsoever.

We’re a software company as well, and we would never treat loyal customers this way - especially not our power users. I’ve built my DevOps career around GitLab and encouraged others to do the same. That GitLab could be so tone-deaf over a problem that was clearly their fault speaks volumes to how the company has changed.

I’m grateful for what GitLab has provided. It’s still a good product, even if I’m gravely concerned about its future. But I’m hanging up my GitLab evangelist hat. A few of my company’s senior developers are interested in GitLab alternatives, and I’ve given the thumbs-up to do a proof-of-concept with one of them later this year.

If you choose to use GitLab in your organization, check your bills carefully.

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Hey @centinel-foss, welcome to the forum!

I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve been experiencing with billing and would like to help look into this for you. I’ll send you a DM so you can share some details about the account privately.


I second the warning to Beware of Gitlab billing.

We’ve been a loyal paying customer for 2 years. More recently, we have started using our own build tools and no longer need GitLab.

Billing auto-renewed, within 48 hours I notified Gitlab that this was a mistake, please cancel our account and refund.

GitLab support says, sorry, no refunds. What?! I have my gitlab emails filtered into a folder, and as I have not been using gitlab lately, have not needed to check this, so I missed the upcoming billing alert.

This is highway robbery. At least GitLab could prorate our usage of 2 days / 365 days.

No. You agreed to their terms. If you forget to manage your finances, that’s not someone else’s fault. Why should they provide specifically 2 days – because that’s what sounds correct to you? I don’t understand your rationale whatsoever.