Blocked users dissapeared

Hi everyone, we use Giltlab CE 13.6.1 (1b6a590b197) and we are facing a problem. When a user leaves the company we block him (we only block him, we don’t remove anything). Last week we found that some users have dissapeared, and also all the work that the had done :frowning:

I am the only user with admin credentials and of course I have not deleted the users. How can I know what has happened? The problem is I’ve realized it now but the users were deleted months ago…

Thanks you in advance!

GitLab does not auto-delete user accounts, even when they are blocked.

If there were other users that are permitted sudo access to the GitLab server, you could check shell history outputs of server sessions to find if any GitLab Rails Commands were run. The commands run through the shell also work as an administrative action, but are limited to users that are permitted to login as root to the GitLab server.

By “work” of the users that have disappeared, I am assuming you mean that their personal namespace projects and/or their old issues/merge requests have disappeared?

Do you have any old backups retained? You could try locating the user’s records in them and try to manually import them back in.

HI, I know Gitlab does not auto-delete user accounts, that’s why everythingis so weird. I’ve checked the shell history in rails console but nothing… is there a place where I can have a look at admin actions?

We do have backups, is there a way of manually import user records??