Boards configuration to filter developers bugs issues


I have a problem related to boards configuration and bug filtering.
I have three bug levels: High, Medium, Low created with three labels (Bug::High, Bug::Medium, Bug::Low) and each bug is associated to an issues assigned to a developer.
I have create a board with a list of developers. If I filter for an unique bug level I can see which developer have bugs of that level.
But my goal is to see how many bugs of different level are assigned to each developer in the board.
I have tried to filter the board with each “Bug::” label (Bug::High Bug::Medium Bug::Low) but the outcome is an empty list of issue.
It seems to me that filter is Bug::High AND Bug::Medium AND Bug::Low but for my purpose should be Bug::High OR Bug::Medium OR Bug::Low

I attached an image to explain the filter that i want.

How i can do it?


As of the release coming on the 22nd (14.4) which is already available in you have the ability to use a * to search scoped labels.

Here’s an example.

And a link to the issue. Allow glob filtering of scoped labels (#12285) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Ok, thanks for your answer.
I wait 22nd to update to 14.4 version.