Breaking API Change? "ref_name is invalid" /repository/commits API - RESOLVED

Since around 10am UTC today we have noticed a behaviour change in the commits API in our gitlab instance.

We have begun receiving 400 error responses with “ref_name is invalid” when calling the commit API using revision ranges. e.g. still works i.e. using branch names is fine.

But given that it worked 24 hours ago and the documentation at Commits API | GitLab

The name of a repository branch, tag or revision range, or if not given the default branch

Clearly says “revision range” can be used this looks like a breaking change has been made to the API.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Should the “revision range” be specified in a different format?

Resolved - API get commits using ref_name with revision_range (#352515) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab - Appears a bug was introduced and the change rolled back

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