Broadcast message now has only few "themes"

With version 14.10 the broadcast messages now only have a few baked-in themes that cannot be changed. Background tags (message text) are ignored. How do I set a custom format? The provided themes are not suitable for conveying urgent messages.

I haven’t used a broadcast message for 8 months, so I rarely look at that, but looking at out 15.0.2 and comparing to my memory it doesn’t seem like anything has been removed.

Given how rarely we use them, I would think a banner in most of the offered colours (that seems to be what the “Theme”-selection offers) would stand out enough when displayed to the user (regardless of what theme they use), that I would find it suitable for conveying anything that wasn’t so urgent that I would just take the server down, and it’s impossible to offer anything in that case (you can’t make anything inform that it’s infrastructure is down).

I also can’t remember reading about changes to broadcast messages in the release notes for any version, but it’s a thing I might easily have overlooked.

What did you used to do with broadcast messages?

Warning messages used to be #FF0000 (and white text) and upgrade messages sort of ocean green (and white text). All these bright colors have vanished. I don’t know what problem was being addressed with the removal (did not find anything in the release notes but maybe I didn’t look hard enough) but these new themes, while pretty, do not convey any urgency. Please reinstate the custom themes. Or just honor HTML tags. Thanks.