Broken db:migrate 20231031134320 against Google Cloud SQL


I just upgraded a gitlab 16.3.0 to 16.6.0, it uses a Google postgres Cloud SQL.
The migration “20231031134320 Init conversion for p ci builds for self host” failed to apply, because of postgres table partition:

main: == 20231031134320 InitConversionForPCiBuildsForSelfHost: migrating ============
main: -- current_schema(nil)
main: -- columns(:p_ci_builds)
main:    -> 0.0048s
main: -- add_column(:p_ci_builds, "user_id_convert_to_bigint", :bigint, {:default=>nil})
main:    -> 0.0034s
rake aborted!
StandardError: An error has occurred, all later migrations canceled:

PG::WrongObjectType: ERROR:  "p_ci_builds" is a partitioned table
DETAIL:  Partitioned tables cannot have BEFORE / FOR EACH ROW triggers.

I manually did the ALTER COLUMN(s) to bigint, and left this migration elsewhere so the “gitlab-rake db:migrate” could continue.

I did exclude too the “20231102083539_backfill_p_ci_builds_pipeline_id” and the upgrade went ok.

Did I missed something, or these migrations are not possible everywhere ?