Broken Link Linter for Gitlab Pages?


I love Gitlab Pages but wondered if there was something which could be added to the CI to detect and flag broken links (either internal or external), possibly failing the build if they existed. Does such a thing exist?



If the content source is using Markdown and URLs embedded, I’ve found a markdown-lint-check and played with it in Evaluate (continuous) URL linting and external checks for handbook and website (#13980) · Issues · / www-gitlab-com · GitLab Depending on the size of the project deployed to pages, the CI/CD runs may take a while.

There are likely other linters for URL checking available. One way could be parsing all files and extract the URL patterns with a regex.

Thanks for that, it was really helpful. For the moment I can live with the slow time of the tool, while I look at other ways to improve our documentation tooling.

Thanks again.