Build & Deployment pipeline issue

Hi There,

We urge an immediate support from Gitlab team as this is high priority.

We have been facing gitlab build issue from past two weeks. Our primary findings are the build job is taking longer time than usual.Eg. 2-3 hours of time for Build pipeline.

Build Issue: The code contains npm packages

  • The gitlab build pipeline couldn’t succeeded and encountered with error code 1.
  • Browsers list: Caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run npx browserslist@latest --update-db
  • The propvalue with an expression type of Chain Expression could not be resolved. Please file issue to get this fixed immediately

Deployment Issue: The issue with container registry

  • we are using helm chart based deployments in k8s cluster.
  • during the deployment the image cannot be pulled from registry.
  • on events of k8s container pulled backoff

our gitlab setup includes a dedicated Docker based runner.
we are using Auto DevOps feature for our build and deployment pipelines.

Please find the screenshots below for reference.