Build Docker Image using DIND on Windows

Hey all,

Currently I have a pipeline implemented using Docker on Linux that first builds and uploads the Docker Image to the Container registry. I followed the basic guidelines within Gitlab’s documentation and a few other resources to get this going. It works quite well so far. We build the image, and then use the image in a subsequent stage to build and test our application.

Because this is a CI pipeline for a C++ project, we also have a need to compile and test the codebase using a Windows compiler. My current solution to this was to setup a Docker capable Windows runner for the project and compile it there. I have gone through the headache of created a Window’s Docker Image/Container that works already, but now I am trying to accomplish the DIND building of the image part within the CI pipeline and hitting issues. From my initial research, it seems that maybe DIND is not supported on the Windows side? I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to Docker and Gitlab CI so I’m unsure.

I’d like to have the Windows Docker Image built and pushed to the container registry as part of the Gitlab CI pipeline just like I’ve setup on the Linux side. Is this possible? Any advice would be welcome, thanks very much.