Build in local directory?

Hy There!

Please excuse me for not knowing mutch about GitLab, I’ll summ up what do I wish for and please tell me if it is possible or not. And if yes, then refer a how to for me please. :slight_smile:

I wish to implement GitLab to store our repos which are mainly Laravel 5 projects. Also I wish to run some tests on them, like PHPUnit test, Behat, etc. For this, I currently use the docer ability of GitLab to build a project. It puts the files into a docker, there I have to run composer install, and a few other things. But this takes soooo long! It just slows down the development.

Is it possible to: Run “composer install” and “npm install” and other things that we need to set up the website ONCE on the repository, and from then on, we can do only the testing.

Why not make a custom docker image with all that installed? That’s what I did, if I understand you correctly.


Have tried it. Used alpine linux and installed only the basic tools for running laravel. Also tried to cache the composer files, but stil not good enough. I wish to press the build time under 2 minutes.