Build step to select environment before building

I want to make it so my Build step triggers only if 1 of the Env steps are successful. This step is used to pick the environment.

I want to add a manual step that requires the user to choose which environment they want to build/deploy to. This step will set variables that the following steps will use to build.

My issue is that the Build step won’t trigger unless all of the previous manual steps are run because I need to set allow_failure: false. If I do not set that, then the CI will skip the manual Env step.

You all can guide me in a different direction if I’m way off track.

Here is an image of my desired process.

I can include the yaml if it helps

May be this will do the job.

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Unfortunately Need does not let me target steps, so it’s not exactly what I am looking for since it would still require duplicating build steps for each environment. It may be the way to go if my original plan isn’t possible. Thanks for the recommendation.

Another try: what’s about rule?

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