Builds_dir issue:Not able to clone

Hi All,

I am a newbie to GitLab and facing an issue.
I am successfully able to register a project with git lab runner.

Issue : But while running the pipeline, the git contents are by default written to the location /builds/ User / ProjectName.

I also gave the path of a directory from my local drive in the key “builds_dir” in the config.toml file , but the git contents are not getting imported to the desired location.

Below is my configuration.

name = “test-runner”
url = “
token = “7zxVTzG5yMzkBxg1VeiX”
executor = “shell”
builds_dir = “C:\Export” // added manually //

Can someone can kindly advise if I am missing something…


I assume you have restarted the runner service after changing config.toml?