Bundled NGinx conflicting server name?

Hi all,
I’m having the following error (only this one line) in /var/log/gitlab/nginx/error.log as well as current

2019/01/08 13:11:51 [warn] 4048#0: conflicting server name “xxx.xxx.com” on, ignored

I set up this subdomain on ispconfig first to gtenerate the ssl certificates, then deleted it from ispconfig to make sure this wouldn’t happen.
Ispconfig is using apache and shouldn’t conflict anyway.

Has anyone run into a similar issue? Where are the gitlab nginx files located so I can see whether it is really causing problems?

The reason why I did it like this is because letsencrypt cannot generate certificates on other ports than 80 and port 80 was being used by apache ispconfig so bundled nginx couldn’t connect to that port.

Thanks all.

Any hints on this please?
I have tried a bizillion different things

Has anyone run into this?